Customer stories

Steve's story

Lowell customer Steve shares how being in debt made him feel, and how Lowell's response put his mind at ease.

“I was amazed [by Lowell’s response]…it brought tears to my eyes”

When Steve’s father passed away in 2007, he found himself in “dire straits.” He had existing health issues and was worried that he wasn’t financially stable. Steve didn’t know where to turn.

He shared with us that with his “bit of debt, plus with my dad dying, I had two hills to climb, and I didn’t know which way to get out of it, really.”

That was when Steve began receiving debt letters. He described the experience as “terrible”, especially as he was going through a hard time. Although he was doing his best to try to pay what he owes off, he explained that he felt “like running away.”

However, everything changed for Steve when he contacted Lowell to advise us of his circumstances. He informed us that he wasn’t working due to his health and only received a limited income from Universal Credit.

He felt that Lowell understood his situation, and were very, very helpful.

Steve’s experience is not singular. At Lowell, we know that each of our customers are going through their own personal situation, and we understand how overwhelming debt can be when combined with difficult circumstances.

That is why our agents are trained to listen and be understanding of anything that our customers share with us. We want to help our customers become debt free with affordable and manageable payments that suit them and their finances.

Steve described how we put his mind at ease with our response of “Don’t worry, we’ll see what we can do for you”, which he said amazed him – “I was crying actually. It brought tears to my eyes.”

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Maria's story

Maria told us that she was very frustrated when she started receiving debt letters, so she didn't contact us. When she did speak with us, however, she was pleasantly surprised.

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Rochelle's story

During our chat with Rochelle, she explains how her stress and anxiety were affected by her struggle with debts, and what Lowell's response to her situation was.

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