"I can enjoy my own money now. It doesn’t have to go anywhere else and pay debts off"

Rochelle's story

Our customer Rochelle shares how debt made her feel, what it was like to speak with Lowell and how her experience with us has affected her life. Rochelle is now debt free with Lowell.

What was the impact of having debt on you?

“I think at the time, when it was at the worst point of struggling with the debts, I was extremely stressed and my anxiety was really bad. A lot of the time you find that you can’t really turn to anyone, because you’ve got yourself into that situation. You might have just been stupid with money or whatever.

I couldn’t really turn to my parents or anyone else. It was a heavy weight on my shoulders; it did cause me a lot of stress. And I was going through a bad time in my life anyway so it really didn’t [...] work well for me.”


What has been your experience of Lowell’s customer service?

“I think the Lowell customer service is really, really good. You’re speaking to someone who understands your situation, first of all, they were polite and they were understanding.

They weren’t like a lot of companies can be, quite forceful or “We’re ready to take a payment now, if you’re not making a payment then we don’t want to speak to you.” The communication was really, really good and I think the representatives did a good job.

That probably made me feel more at ease knowing that I could speak to somebody whenever I needed to and they’d be helpful, basically.”

Why did Lowell first get in touch?

“I received a letter from Lowell after an experience with a phone company. Basically, I’d gone on holiday and there was no cap on data or anything like that, so it put me in quite a lot of debt with a phone company. It produced a rather large phone bill that I was unable to pay.

And I just pushed it to one side. I thought oh it’ll be fine, I’ll sort it out when I can sort it out, and obviously things escalated and I received a letter from Lowell stating that they’d [taken] on the debt and they were gonna obviously pursue it, and set up some sort of payment arrangement for me to pay that amount.”


How are things now?

“Yeah, my life is definitely better now. Just for speaking to them and, you know, like I said for a company that was nice enough for me to deal with and gave me a bit more confidence, my life has really improved.

I’d hate to think what situation I’d be in if Lowell hadn’t wrote to me and hadn’t approached me – I don’t think it’d be a very good one.”


How do you feel now your debts have been paid?

“Yeah, my situation has completely changed now. I’ve got two small children now so obviously I have to budget for them.

But at the time there was a lot of things that I wasn’t able to do, partly because I didn’t have the money to do it but also because I was stressed and anxious.

But now it’s completely different. I can enjoy my own money now, I work hard for it and it doesn’t have to go anywhere else and pay debts off, which is a nice feeling.”

The power is in your hands

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