“It was almost like we were sitting at Starbucks having a cup of coffee”

Maria's story

Maria reveals how Lowell works with customers who have a lot going on in their lives. She describes her conversation with us as like “sitting in a Starbucks, having a coffee”.

Our customer, Maria, had two children and was working full time when she started receiving debt letters. She felt lost and frustrated when reading them, thinking “God, I wish I could pay them, but where is the money.”

She was also going through a lot at the time. She was ill, missing her family and felt that she couldn’t provide for her kids, and describes that period as a “turmoil of emotions.”

When we sat down and spoke with Maria, she told us about how easy it is to get into debt, explaining that “it’s not like I went to get a credit card and just splash[ed] on shopping. It’s just regular stuff that you were paying on a regular basis.”

Maria didn’t contact Lowell straight away. When she received a letter from us, she threw it to one side, as many do with debt letters.

However when she received a phone call from us, she was surprised at how easily the conversation flowed. She described speaking with Lowell as “almost like we were sitting in a Starbucks having a coffee.” She spoke with us for an hour about her illness, how long it was since she’d been home and how much she missed her mum.

By the end of her phone call with us, one of Maria’s problems was solved. She told us that “there was a door open that allowed me to actually pay for something without the stress”, and describes how our customer service representative didn't tell her that she had to pay, but instead asked if she could.

She wasn’t pointing the finger at me with ‘You owe money, so pay us!’. No, she was saying ‘Maria, how can we help you pay us?’” In Maria's own words, this was a new beginning for her, and was very helpful for her and her situation.

Maria’s surprise at the ease of talking to us is something we, at Lowell, are familiar with hearing from customers. Many expect to speak with a demanding agent who cares only about money and insists that they pay immediately, but that isn’t how we do things at Lowell.

We genuinely care about our customers and what they’re going through, and only want our customers to make payments that are suitable for them.

Maria was shocked by how easy it was to speak with us. She explained how surprised she was that someone she owed money to would speak to her that way, and actually googled the number to make sure “it wasn’t a prank.”

The power is in your hands

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