"I used to go “Yes!” when [...] a debt had been passed to Lowell"

Christine's story

Our conversation with Christine reveals how she got into debt in the first place, how being in debt made her feel and what she rates Lowell out of 10. Christine has settled all eight of her accounts and is now debt free with Lowell.


How did your problems with debt begin?

“I grew up in a house where my mum and dad were really bad with money and, because they were really bad with money, they never taught me and my sister how to be good with money.

So, when I grew up and I turned 18, I got a credit card, I got a store card, I got every sort of credit you could get including mobile phones and I just thought, if you cancel the Direct Debit, that will be alright. I didn’t understand the repercussions of it.”


What’s it like dealing with other companies?

“The fact that when you phone most companies and you say, look, I can’t afford to pay now but I can pay you in three weeks, they don’t take no for an answer. They’ll say “Well can you pay £20 today, can you pay £30”, you know, they always want you to pay something immediately, you have to make some kind of promise to pay before they’ll accept any payment plan or wait for payday.

They never just sort of say “Okay, that’s fine, phone us back on payday”, no companies do that, no. They always want something now.”

What happens when you receive a letter about a debt?

“If I get a letter and it’s for a thousand pounds and I don’t have it, or I’m not even in a position to set up a repayment plan, it will go in the drawer until I get maybe another one, maybe a bit more of a serious one, and then I’d be like right okay.

Or I’d wait until payday and then I think, right on payday I’ll phone them and then at least I’ve got something to offer to start paying.”


How was your experience with Lowell?

“I’ve always had a positive experience and I’ll always tell any friend or family that I know are in a similar situation to me that Lowell is fantastic.

I used to go “Yes!” when I used to know a debt had been passed to Lowell because I thought, great, I know I’m gonna get that sorted with them.”


How would you score Lowell out of 10?

“Lowell is definitely a 10, 100% definitely a 10. They were always amazing, always.”

The power is in your hands

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