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Lowell customer reviews

We are proud to say that our customers are our priority. We will always listen with empathy and support customers whose circumstances affect their ability to pay. Here are some reviews from real customers, sharing their experiences of Lowell.

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Customer conversations

Rochelle's story

3 minute read During our chat with Rochelle, she explains how her stress and anxiety were affected by her struggle with debts, and what Lowell's response to her situation was.

Customer conversations

Christine's story

2 minute read Our customer Christine sat down with us to describe how she got into debt and how she would put debt letters away in drawers until the situation got worse. She compares Lowell to other debt companies and describes her experience with us.

Customer stories

Maria's story

2 minute read Maria told us that she was very frustrated when she started receiving debt letters, so she didn't contact us. When she did speak with us, however, she was pleasantly surprised.

Customer stories

Steve's story

1 minute read Our customer Steve already had a lot going on in his personal life when he found out he was in debt. He describes how terrible he felt under all the pressure... until he spoke with Lowell.

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